Best video editing apps for Android [ in 2022 ] – latest

Best Video Editing apps for Android [ in 2022 ] – latest

Each and every day all smartphone users are bowing towards camera quality just to enhance their photography skills. Even when most of them use camera once in a while. But still they want best in there photos. In every latest phone update we see hike in quality of cameras that creates a big demand of that set among the buyers.

  • Best video editing apps in 2022

But even after raising quality of pixels there is also need of editing apps in the market. This need is increasing day by day because everyone wants to use a pro-level, professional editing software application for their videos. Due to all this their demand on play store is also increasing for which app developers are providing best. 

There are so many options there but today we have created a list for you. So please read this blog with full patiance and attention till end to know and understand which one application is best for you and your handset. In this blog we will discuss about best video editing apps for Android in 2022

So let’s start….

Top best level Best Video Editing Apps on Android in 2022

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

This application works on the OS of more than Android 9.0

We all know about Adobe in our computer books as a video and photo editing software in windows and Premiere Rush added to its name makes it for your need. This app gives you all the things and functionality that you need to edit a video or image in your android set.

It gives you options to edit multi clips and videos.

It provides an easy interface that gives you facilities to add background musics, different layout titles, designs, and different effects that you can add very easily. 

One more thing which is common but to be known that you can also use it to record any video directly from the app.

From this feature many youtube creators, reel makers and other social media artist can record their videos Directly from this editing app.

You can use this app at zero cost and work as a new user without any fees or charges but if you want to explore this app fully and you are pro in editing, you can purchase it’s premium. If you want to add more features like there advance library then you can definitely go for updation of the premium.

Precisely, we can say that this application is best for those users who have a Knowledge of editing videos and using such softwares.

2. Kinemaster 

Kinemaster is available for almost all currently using versions of Android and it’s latest version is compatible for devices of OS Android 6.0 +

This platform is best for those users who want to edit their content within few minutes. Due to this for almost all YouTube content creator this is most used editing app. The main reason behind its popularity is the availablity of a variety of functions from basic to professional level. If you use it, you don’t need to go to any other app for any other function that is not in kinemaster. 

You can clip videos, put background, you can use fx tools, create running animations on it, increase voice, change left right voice volume, use stickers and many more latest features on it.

In it’s latest version you can now enjoy 4k video editing which gives best enjoyment while editing.

This app is free for all but it gives a watermark on all videos that you take from it as an output, also you have to watch some adds on it if you are using its free version. To remove it’s watermark and advertisement you have to update or purchase it’s premium version where you will also get some new functions or features with some more collections.

3. Funimate


This app is also available for almost all Android users because it is available for Android 5.0+

Reels maker mostly use this app to edit their one minute videos because when they were using old tiktok app then it had less features than this application. Therefore, even now users are still using this app. 

Funimate has more than 90 editing effects for videos. It has a lot of stickers, emogi, audio tools and clip crop features. This app can easily help you to make your viral videos as it allows you to create your own effects using your photos.

If you are not a pro user, even you can use it because it also has functions like merging, cutting, clipping, cropping, pasting etc.

This app is good to use and also it is free to use. But if you want pro functions, you can go for it’s premium package and enjoy others a lot of features.

4. Inshot


This app is available for phones having OS of Android more than 5.0

This means that it is available for all Android phones.

This app is very good for intro and ending videos for different social media users. It has a lot of pre installed or inbuilt effects that are very useful for creating short videos mainly intro for any video. 

Not only videos, it is also useful for editing pictures on its interface. 

Inshot allows you to add different texts with designs, add different videos together, also you can adjust video speed for best reels creation.

You can do a lot of things on this app- music from videos can be extracted using this app, different filters can be implemented on any desired video, more than 49 transitions are there in this app that make your video a awesome looking stuff, Ghost effect is also there that will be excited for all new users. 

It does not have anything which is not in above all apps. Therefore it is at 4th number but you can use it and I recommend you to please use it atleast once and it will make you addicted.

This application is free but you can spend your money by purchasing in apps things.

At last, if you are a tiktok or reel creator, you should use it atleast once to know and enjoy it’s awesome features.

So guys these are the top best level best video editing apps for Android in 2022. You can download and install them in you precious Android set.

Thanks for reading….

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