How did WhatsApp become so popular?

How did WhatsApp become so popular?
There are many applications that we are using for message services and one of the famous service providing app is WhatsApp. We all know that application and also using it for sending and receiving both Text and media messages like pictures, videos, links and documents. Using WhatsApp we can send our messages in a very few seconds and also by giving a very little data cost.

Messages we sent and receive on WhatsApp are end to end encrypted so that they are only between sender and receiver. This means even any hacker can’t get your messages because in between sender and receiver they are in encrypted mode.

Today, if someone has smartphone, it is 99% possibility of having WhatsApp application in its phone. After Facebook, it is one of the widely used platform in the world which has so much biggest number of users. If someone is not using Facebook even though it is possible that the same person is having WhatsApp in his smartphone.

Today in this article we will discuss a proper case study on WhatsApp that how did it become a much popular with a very large user base? Also we will discuss about who owns WhatsApp? When it was launched and many more such things.

WhatsApp is not only a text message sender or receiver application it also allows its user to send a lot of files like audio, video, pdf, docs, ppt, apk and many more to make it more and more useful.

Initially, it was used for only sending and receiving messages but after some time an option of uploading status for 24 hours is also added in it.
Using this status feature, now users can upload any video, image or text on it for 24 hours and also adjust privacy. Privacy means now you can select your contact numbers that who can see your status and who can not, this all is in your hand.

WhatsApp is so much popular application as now it is available in all application stores like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, blackberry and also in jio phone which was for just Rs. 1500.

How it is created?
WhatsApp was created by two developers Brian and Jam but they were not able to retain its ownership because they did not want to place ads on WhatsApp and also not to sell any information of whatsapp users. This is how they were not able to earn money from WhatsApp. Due to all these problems they sold WhatsApp in the year 2014 to Facebook for $ 19.3 .

So owner of both Facebook and whatsapp is same and the name of that person is Mark Zuckerberg who also owns Instagram.

Initial owner of WhatsApp, Jam’s was a worker in a construction company. This information tells us that owner of WhatsApp was not from a rich background. Jam was working in the Yahoo company but soon he resigned and started working for the WhatsApp Application.

Another ex owner of WhatsApp was Brian, he was also not from a rich background. He was working in Apple company after which he joined Yahoo where he met Jam and then they both starred working for their dream WhatsApp Messenger Application.

Once when Jam was watching a movie, he wanted to tell his friends about that picture but it took a lot of time because at that time Facebook was not an application that can work for offline. To send any message, firstly we need to login on Facebook which is an online process. Jam understood this problem and thought about an idea of creating an offline application for chat ad messaging.

Jam told his friend, Brian about this idea for creating an app where messages could be access without going online. At first Brian was not in his support but later both friends started working on the application. They both worked together and in 2009 they successfully created an application for message called WhatsApp.

Nowadays, in India and in many countries WhatsApp is a free to use application but when it was launched, it changed some fees. But within a year more than 2,50,000 users joined WhatsApp even when it was charging fees. This all happened just because of the convenience because people got an application where they could access their when they were offline.

In the year 2014, more than 600 million people were using WhatsApp and due to this the two owners of WhatsApp were not able to manage all the maintenance things of the WhatsApp because of its very large user base. Therefore they sold it to the Mark Zuckerberg after which its user base increased to 5 billion which is more than twice of the population of the largest country in the world.

Which Country Owns WhatsApp Messenger Application?
Initial owner and founder of WhatsApp are the citizens of America and the current owner of Eis also Amrican therefore we can say that WhatsApp is an American based multinational company which is providing it’s services across all over the world.

WhatsApp got so much popularity because of the reliability and ease of using it. Time to time updates according to the need and mood of the users also made it so much popular and widely used. Even most of the times, we don’t feel any problem but WhatsApp updates it’s app before we get to know about it. This shows how fast it’s app testers are working for making WhatsApp bugs free and updated.

These are some points that we should remember when we start any startup or any business from this article. In a brief way, these are as follows:

Updated: We need to be uploaded day to day because if someone finds the problem and provides solution to our customer before us, it will snatch all our user base within a second.
Find and work on need: If you find needs of the public and provides them solution, they will be your. If your continuously work for their problems, they will promote you because of your help and their satisfaction.
Determination: If you work hard and spend almost all of your time for your goal, result will never make you regret of it.

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