What is Adsense and how to monetize your traffic?

Google Adsense

If you are a YouTube content creator or a website owner, you must have an audience. On YouTube if your channel is monetized, you can earn money by it while if your site is approved by Google Adsense, you can also earn from it. Your earnings will depend upon the audience quality and quantity. If your audience is from any rich country, your payment will be rised in comparison to others.

Adsense use your audience to watch them ads that are playing in between your content, either video or blog article. There are many platforms which provide you ads on your site but the most paying adsense and most popular adsense is known as Google Adsense.

This all was started in the year 2003 and now it is one of major reason why all people are writing articles and blog even when it is so much easy to provide content through video on YouTube. Google Adsense is one of the most trusted, high paying, best ads showing related to content adsense. If you are a publisher and wanted to earn by your writing skills, you can apply for Google Adsense approval. In this article, we will discuss about how do someone make money with adsense? How Google Adsense is different from other ads network?

Advantages Of Google Adsense

Both Advertisers and publishers are in high number using Google Adsense for both advertising and to monetize their content. Almost more than 10 million websites are using Google Adsense to monetize their article content.
Using their codes, publisher doesn’t need to panic as it has high safety and security.
Transparency is one of the major reason for any business. Here in Google Adsense, every thing is assured with transparency so that both publishers and advertisers can trust and work smoothly on the platform.
Google Adsense works like a middle platform to provide customers to both publishers and advertisers for their content and business respectively and it charges a very little for it.
A publisher can run ads of any types because there are almost all variety of ads like banner ad etc.
To get best revenue from ads you can check other blogs that how they are using adsense and how they are applying ads on their site.

How Google Adsense work?

If you have an adsense approval, simply select the type of ads that you want to show on your content. Copy the HTML code and paste it in your editor and publish it as public. Ads will be based on your content or may be based on the recent interest of the reader who is on your blog.

When visitors visit on your site and see ads then you will paid by Google Adsense according to the total number of impressions you got. Another way of earning is when someone clicks on the ads and performs the task then also you will be paid according to the total number of clicks.

Most important thing to remember us is that you don’t need to try any cheat trick. If you think that you can increase your impressions and clicks by visiting the site and clicking on the ads again and again, you are wrong. If google get to know about it, you will have to pay from your collected amount for each such manipulated click and it may even delete your AdSense account so be aware of it.

How much AdSense pay for each click & impression?

When advertiser apply for any ad, fee for ads depends according to the audience that is needed for the ad. Google Adsense charges fee from advertisers and gives it to the publisher who write articles and posts but in between this Google Adsense charges a broker type fee.

It can be easy to understand by taking an example of a kirana shop. Here when a shopkeeper purchase any product from the wholesaler, let the price per piece or cost price be X but the same shopkeeper sells that product to the customer at a price higher than X. In the same way google Adsense charges it’s fees and also provides a big market to both Advertisers and publishers.

Now the most well known question regarding adsense earning is that How many dollars do we get from 1k clicks/impression? And the answer is not satisfying to your question because there is no such definite value for both. The amount per click depends upon the market condition, type of audience, your niche or topic of the blog and article.

But in approx, we can say that it may very in between $ 0.3 to $15 dollars or even more. Most of the sites get less than $3 per click but it depends on your content and competition in the market.

You can get more and more amount if you work on the most needed and payable niches and you can check the list by searching it on any cpc or cost-per-click tool.

Keywords used in the article also play a very important role in making your posts viral and most accessible to your targeted audience.

Traffic on Sites

When there is more traffic on road or on highway then more toll tax can be acquired from the vehicle drivers. In the same way when there is more traffic on a site then there is more possibility of clicks on the ads and when clicks are increased then it will increase your revenue. So the conclusion is that if you have chosen an expensive niche and getting a high traffic on your site then you can get more and more revenue from it.


At the end, it is very clear to all that if someone wants to create a site, he should be very clear about the topic and content. If he has a lot of knowledge about the content, only then the content will be impressive. If the content is impressive then only audience will make retention on you page.

So guys these are the things that you need to remember before applying for Google Adsense approval and at the end all the best.

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