How To Use a New Real Keyboard with Android Phone

How to use keyboard in smartphone

In our vacations, we always try to do something to earn some money or to add some extra cash in our pocket. Many college students try to earn by article writing. If you have a computer or desktop type system, you can do that work. But most of the students do not have any such system.

But don’t worry here are some easy methods using which you can type your article on keyboard and the same will be saved in your smartphone.

How can we connect any physical keyboard with an Android Smartphone? Here is the answer in the following two ways:

  • By OTG Adaptor:
  • Here firstly you need to have a smartphone which supports OTG cable. If you want to check whether your smartphone support or not? You can check it on YouTube as there are almost all smartphone with such tests.
  • If your smartphone has such feature, you can use it with keyboard. Yes, but for that you should have an OTG Adaptor that will work as an connector in between your android set and keyboard.
  • You can use any keyboard whether it is small in size or normal both will have same use.

Now let’s start how to use it with one by one steps:

  • Purchase a keyboard but it’s price should be less than 300 INR. This is because here you can use it for just typing. So to invest much of amount just for buying a keyboard is not good.
  • Now buy an OTG Adaptor, which will be in price range of 25 to 50 INR. Try to buy one which has wire connection because this one will not create problem in the connecting these two devices.
  • Go to your mobile phone settings and search OTG simply turn it ON if it is OFF.
  • In some cases there is no such setting in smartphones but you don’t need to worry.
  • Now plug one side of OTG adaptor to the keyboard while other side to the smartphone.
  • To check whether it is working or not, click on the Caps Lock key on the keyboard
  • If light blinks, it is working or if not then check your connections.
  • Now when you open any text editor like note pad, here you can write using your new physical Keyboard.

Attaching Keyboard Using Bluetooth:

Guys if you have a regular keyboard, you can use it via OTG cable but if your phone doens’t support OTG adaption, you can go via bluetooth.

For a blutooth connect, you should have a keyboard which can connect via bluetooth. This is because there are separate set of keyboard for wireless connection. You can’t use regular set for wireless connection.

Minimum price range for Bluetooth supported keyboard is something about 499 INR. May be it is different in local offline market for different sizes. I recommend you to buy a small size keyboard because it is easy to handle and also for carrying.

Now to attach a wireless one with your android smartphone, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Turn on your BT-Keyboard.
  • Turn on your bluetooth in smartphone and search for the nearby devices and then click on the pair new device.
  • Tap on the name of your bluetooth keyboard to connect it.
  • Follow all the related instructions given by your smartphone for the further process and work related to the permissions.
  • Now your device is ready to use a BT keyboard.

Advantages Of Physics Keyboard:

  • If someone is an article writer and wants to increase the performance of typing, he should buy a physical keyboard. This is because on physical keyboard, speed can be maximum but in smartphones it is not possible to type in a small space.
  • You can also use it to enhance your typing speed. Those who want to join any such work where your typing speed should be good, you can work on physical keyboard to increase it.
  • Price is cheaper than whole computer system. Nowadays almost all applications are there in Android phone so you can use Smartphone as a mini computer using small sized physical keyboard.
  • Best for doing online project if someone has no computer or laptop.
  • Physical keyboard will give you a fast experience and fast typing while doing your work.
  • When the craze is of using touch phone but still there is need of physical Keyboard for fast typing performances.

Limitations Of Physical Keyboard

  • If you are the one which has bluetooth, you have to either charge it time by time or replace its batteries for working properly.
  • I am also using the physical keyboard with my android phone but it has many Connection issues.
  • If there is wireless OTG Adaptor, connection between the phone and OTG will disturb you again and again.
  • If there is OTG cable adapter, after some time you have to maintain it because tearing up of cable also happens.
  • Purchasing a new keyboard and OTG adaptor will bring more expenses.
  • In some cases, keyboard is not supported in smartphones.


  • When there is still a virtual keyboard in your touch phone why does one need a real keyboard? It is needed when the speed given in virtual one is not enough. In most cases, users want to type from both their hands but due to insufficiency of space they can’t. While in some cases they are able to type faster in smartphones if we compare it with their speed on real keyboard.
  • Yes, this could happen because there are different type of people who have different choice and we can’t implement same thing on all. In the case of keyboard too, there are different speeds of users on different type of size and types.
  • With the help of real one you can enhance your typing performance because in any compliance they want your good speed in real keyboard not in any smartphone. Using OTG cable adapter or by using a bluetooth keyboard, you can get experience of the real one without having any laptop or computer.

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