How to use Kinemaster like professional in Android [ in 2022 ]

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Kinemaster is one of the best applications for video editing that anyone can use for free in both Android and iOS.

Let us assume, you have recorded a video on your phone, it’s quality is good and now you need to edit it but for editing you have no skills. Also you have no money to pay to any professional editor so now in that condition you have one option to edit your video using an app called Kinemaster.

Guys you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of any thing before using this platform. If you read this video till end, you will get enough knowledge of how to use Kinemaster like professional in Android.

Kinemaster is the application you can use for all basic to professional level editing of videos. It’s features will help you to grow your skills in editing so that after some time when you edit any video you will be master in it.

Kinemaster is free to use application but for some more features you can go for it’s premium version where you will get more editing tools. Ads and watermark of Kinemaster are also not there in the premium app of it.

Today in this tutorial, we will go through its free version on an android phone.

So let’s begin with step by step tutorial

Step-1: Install the app

  • Firstly, you have to go Play Store if you are using Android Smartphone or App Store if you are using Apple iPhone and then search Kinemaster.
  • Here you will find kinemaster at the top of the search result, simply click on install it in your phone.

Step 2: Collect Your Material

  • Be ready with your material like videos that you want to edit, pictures that you want to add in that and audio or music you want to merge in it.

Step 3: Open the app and click on the + sign

  • Now it’s time to open your app, when it is opened you will see a welcome page of Kinemaster logo. After that you will see a sign ‘+’ . Now you have to click on it after that you have to choose the ratio of the video in which you want to get output of the video.
  • Ratio of the video depends on the platform where you want to upload this video. For example on YouTube shorts and reels 9:16 is the best for size and if you want to upload it as a regular youtube channel , 16:9 size is best for it. 1:1 is also there but usually it is not used.
  • After choosing ratio, now you have to select the media (video or picture) for editing. In kinemaster, these files are there according to there folders in your phone or file manager.
  • So, at first open the folder and choose the desired video/image, video will be there in the window. Repeat this method if you want to add more images or video clips in the same video.

Step 4: Use different Features
Trimming the clip:

  • Firstly, choose the clip that you want to trim. Choose by clicking on the clip.
  • When you select any clip, it will be shown in yellow colour.
  • Now click on the Trim/Split option. Now there are three cases
  • Trim from left or right
  • Split at playhead (when you want to trim any portion from middle)
  • Split and insert Freeze Frame ( here a pic will be added in between the trimmed clips)
  • After the trim, click on the top right button (down arrow) to save it.
  2.  Adding Transitions
  • If there are more than one clip in your video, choose the one in which you want to add in between (transition). There will be a plus (+) symbol on the side. Simply tap on it , you will see different options like 3D transitions, text etc.
  • Simply choose one of them and then click on the down mark at the top right to save it.
  • One more thing to be noted is that to check any thing you can use play button to know what you have done till now.
 3. Adding text in the clip
  • At the right side, there is a circle like thing having four options : layers, Media, Audio and Rec. Here to add any video/image/text you should choose layer option after that click on symbol T (Text).
  • Write you text and then click ok button also you can change your font and Colour of the text.
  • At right side there are options from where you can choose outline, colour, background etc.
  • To choose font, click on Aa.
  • After all save it by top right down button.

Adding Background Music

  • To add any music in you video, put your video clip with according to the red vertical line from where you want to add the music.
  • Click on the music icon at the right side, choose your audio from the library. You can also import any music from the library of the kinemaster.
  • Now after choosing it, trim the unusual portion of the music.

Overlapping other images and videos on the current video

  • Click on the layer option > Choose the image icon
  • Choose your preferred folder and then choose your file that you want to add.
  • After that trim the unusual portion of it.
  • If you are using any image, you can also increase its portion by moving the border towards the desired side.

Export The Video As An Output

  • When you complete all the things and you think that your video is ready to be used or to be uploaded now you can get the output of it.
  • To get the video exported, hit the export option.
  • Choose the desired quality of the video, you can choose both resolution and frame rate. Also you can choose bit rate of the video.
  • After that click on Export option, sir back and wait for a while till you video is exported completely.

So guys these are things which I want to tell tell you all through this tutorial that how to use Kinemaster like professional in Android.

If you have any problem or query simply comment below we are here to answer all your mind stuff.. thanks a lot for reading till end..

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