What is an Incognito Mode? How to use it?

What is Incognito Mode?

Incognito simply means anything you do without telling to any person or anyone. If you do any work in a secret way that no one knows about that work and that things you do online.

In simple words, we can say that those works which we do without letting anyone know about them is called Incognito.

If we see this in online or digital mode, it can be said that incognito mode is that mode where we can do any online act by getting isolated in the browser.

For example, when we change clothes in any mall we use changing room.

What is Incognito Mode in smartphone?

Incognito mode is that feature in browsers where we can search any thing privately without saving it in the mainline history list of the browser.
There we can use browsing options without showing our true identity.

It can be also explained by knowing the difference between regular browsing mode and incognito mode.
When we search anything in our regular browser, always a list is created of the sites or url that we have visited. This list is call history, using which we can easily open the particular site again on our browser.
They also store some small files which contain our login history or sign in history. Sign in history is all about a browser saves all login credentials like email or password. This is because when you again visit any particular site then you will be logged in it automatically.

In comparison to the regular tabs or browsing incognito mode have some different things in it. Here when you search anything there or visit any site, all these things will not be stored in history list. If there is any site which tries to collect cookies, incognito mode automatically deletes all these things without saving any such information.

How Incognito Mode works?

When a user visit any site in incognito mode then any type of credential like password, email, phone number, username and history are not saved in the browser.

But informations like your IP address, dns address etc are stored even when it is opened in incognito mode.

You can use incognito mode in Google Chrome, also in different browsers like jio pages etc.

Why Use Incognito Mode?

In Google Chrome, incognito mode is simply there with its original name while is some other browsers it can be named as safe search, private search or private browsing.

Using this feature, anyone can search anything privately in a secret and secure way. While in other modes, when you open any site or do any work like payment Transactions, your details are saved there.

This is the difference between these two modes which helps you to secure your payment credentials because after closing this mode all the searched things are deleted.

How To Open Incognito Mode

In Google Chrome

  • There are following steps that a user need to follow for activating incognito mode in Google Chrome.
  • Firstly, you need to open Google Chrome in your system or smartphone.
  • Now open options by clicking on three dots at the right of the top corner.
  • Here you see many options, one of which is Incognito Mode.
  • After clicking on it, your incognito mode in Google Chrome is now activated.

2. In Firefox

Advantages of Incognito Mode- in your way
Your all data of browsing history is not saved anywhere in the browser.
Cookies and logged in credentials are also not stored anywhere in the browser as when you close the incognito mode it deletes all these things.
Any information saved in any form, columns etc are also not saved.
Here you can logged in into multiple accounts at same time without any problem.

Limitations of Incognito Mode- in common way

Even when most of things are not saved in the browser but ip address is saved.
If your device has antivirus in it, it wil not be effective in the incognito mode. This is how it creates a privacy and security issues by malwares and viruses.

  • Firstly, open firefox app in your system where you want to activate incognito mode.
  • Here you can see an icon of incognito mode, simply click on the icon.
  • After this you can see that in your firefox app incognito mode is activated.


Opera Mini

  • Here firstly open opera mini app in your smartphone or tablet to use incognito mode
  • Here in Opera mini, you will see a tab icon simply click on it.
    After this click again click on the private named option in it.
    After this click on the + or plus sign icon.



In Microsoft Edge

Open that browser is your system like smartphone or computer.

After opening it click on the tab icon.

Now click on the InPrivate option as there Incognito Mode is termed as in private.

After this click in Microsoft Edge your incognito mode is activated in it.

In Safari for iPad or iPhone

  • Open Safari browser in your smartphone or iPhone or iPad
  • After this when your safari app is opened, click on the tab
  • Click on the private after clicking on tab
  • Now in your safari browser in iPhone/iPad incognito mode is activated or turned on

Who can get access of my information when incognito mode is activated?

Tracking in online means that someone is getting your information of how , what and when you are searching any thing or doing anything on your device. These all things are sold to some websites without your permission.

Many apps want permission of your location, device data, file manager etc.

These sites and applications collect your data like your choices, your search history, your voice searches and many more things. And then they sell these things to advertisement companies Which uses this data for showing ads according to your choices.

But when you use incognito mode such things are not possible for them but still your info is recorded for security purposes by government and other authorities.

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