What is Android 11 or latest Version of Android???

What is Android 11?

What is Android 11 or latest Version of Android???

Android 11 is the latest OS or Operating System launched by Google, a well known multi tasking online company. We all know that there are many previous versions of Android and this is the 11th version of Android.

If someone is normal non techy user of Android 10, Android 11 will be looking similar like Android 10 for that user. But there will be some best and great features shown to you. Problems that are there in Android 10 are now solved in the latest one. Many latest features that a previous version user haven’t seen yet will found from which a user can control the smartphone. Today in this artical we will discuss about what is Android 11? Android 11 kya hai? What is latest version of Android 11?

Let’s reveal the amazing features of the latest version of our loved OS Android.

When Android 11 released?

Android 11 was released on sep 8, 2020 by Google. Firstly it was only for Google Pixel Devices but now it is available for almost all Android OS having brands. Now we will discuss about the great features of the latest Android Version and if your are interested or if you have any doubt, please read this artical till end and comment below 👇 for any query regarding it.

Features Of Android 11 :

  • Power Menu Feature:
    In our previous versions, on clicking power button we get options like power on/off, restart, shut down etc. But in this latest version, there are many features added to it. Here now when we click on the power button, we see options for controlling house lights, fans and many other electrical instruments. For many payment like options, we can also see there while clicking on the power button. Just add your card info and use it whenever needed just by clicking power button.
  • Group Notifications and other Conversations

In old versions, for any chat conversation notification and some other notifications there are all things mash-up. This mash-up creates so much confusion while doing any conversation from notification.

But now in this latest version of Android, this problem is solved. Now, if you are doing chats with your friends from notification and you are getting messages from many friends and if there is an unseen message, there will be another column created for that chat. You don’t need to worry about irritating mash-up of messages.

  • Chat Bubble for All apps
  • In previous versions of Android, when you message someone on WhatsApp or Facebook or any message comes to you then there a bubble opens on your phone screen. But this option was only for some apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram.

In the latest version of Android, we can get this Bubble chat for any messaging app not only for some apps. So this is also the best feature of Android 11 while doing any message or chat.

  • Songs Playing or Media Control

In our previous versions, when we listen any song from background we control its play/stop from the notification. But when we clear all the notification tasks, there we also lost the currently playing song. This is the problem which we face while playing songs on Android 10 sets.

But now in the latest version of Android, we can also play the song from notification even when we clear all the tasks from the notification task bar. Now we can also use other functions like choosing whether we use earphone or speaker for playing songs.

  • Security Purposes And Permission

Initially when we install any app in our phone and after when we open it, there are many permissions they asks from the user. Therefore, we always have a fear of any casualty that can happen to us while allowing them to access any thing on the phone.

Now in this latest version, while allowing any permission to any app there are two options one is of allowing that app for always and other is allowing of the permission only for that time.

This is how this latest Android 11 is very good for security and other issues. Updating to Android 11 will get a better option for all users who want a better security option and features in their phones.

For all privacy and security concerns and issues Android 11 is far better than Android 10 or other previous versions.

One more feature that will help you for securing your smartphone for privacy concerns is that timing control on the allowed permissions.
If you allow an app for any permission like access of media for all time but you haven’t used that app for a long time. Now you have some doubt in your mind if this app is doing some wrong things by getting access of your data. This could be possible in previous Android Versions. But now in Android 11, this security issue is resolved. When there is an app which you haven’t used for a long time and you have allowed some Permissions. These permissions will be turned off automatically.

  • Accessing of Notification History
  • Many times when we clear all the notifications, often we also removed our important notification. In our previous versions, we have no feature of getting the notification back.

But in our latest version, we will get notification history of recent 24 hours.
This is how we can get all the important notifications from important applications like payment or office application.

  • Bluetooth – Flight Mode issue

In previous versions of smartphone, when we turn on flight mode all things like data connection, calls, bluetooth are also turned off. Due to this problem we can’t use Bluetooth and can’t listen songs using it on flights. This is also a drawback of previous versions of Android.

But now in Android 11, this problem of Bluetooth is also resolved. Now when you turn on flight mode, only data connection and Wi-Fi will be switched off and bluetooth is turned on. Using Android 11 you can now get benefits of listening songs even when you are on flights.

These are some features of Android 11 that you can get while updating your phone from Android 10.

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