What is Google Drive? What are its uses? How to Use Google Drive?

What is Google Drive?

What is Google Drive? What are its uses? How to Use Google Drive?

Google drive is cloud based platform where you can store your files by uploading them using your Internet Connection. Files like photos, videos, documents and applications can be uploaded on Google drive and downloaded whenever needed. Google drive can be used in Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computer systems.

There are other drives too but Google drive is affiliated with other Google accounts so that it will be available on all devices where this gmail account is linked.

If you have any GMail account in your phone, you will get 15GB of space free of cost. You can share all your files which you have uploaded on Google drive without spending much of your data.

In Google drive you can also create pdf of your pics. This is the other online facility of any cloud drive but I think now creating pdf is already available in other apps where you can create pdf of pics without even uploading them

How To Create a PDF Document using Google Drive?

Guys here following are the steps that you have to follow for creating a PDF from Google Drive Cloud.


  1. At first you have to open Google Drive app. There is more chances that this app is already in your phone if it is not then please download and install it from playstore.
  2. Now Open the Application
  3. Click on the ‘+’ plus sign or icon on the application
  4. Now click on the scan button or option and if you want to add the images from your camera then click on the icon looking like your camera.
  5. Now capture pics of your document or the things of which you want to create a PDF.
  6. After clicking all pics to save them click on the tick mark appearing on your screen.
  7. Do all the editing of the pics like crop, rotate etc.
  8. After when all these things are done click on save option to save this file.
  9. This file will be saved as pdf file on your drive you can download it directly from your Google drive account.



  1. Firstly turn your computer on with proper days connection and open Google drive.
  2. You should use Google Chrome for opening this site there.
  3. Site is https://www.drive.google.com/ you should remember it for your all work on drive
  4. Here you will have to login from your Gmail account
  5. You will see a ‘+ NEW’ like sign or option. Click on it for submitting new document and for creating new PDF.
  6. After that choose Google docs and then a blank page. To create a document we always start with a blank page.
  7. Choose your file for uploading and upload it there
  8. To save it as pdf choose the prefer as pdf.
  9. After when all these things are done click on the ‘save’ option.

These are the two methods for creating a PDF on Google drive using either your phone or computer system.

Advantages of Google drive:

  • There are a lot of advantages that will make you to use this feature in your phone. Some of the advantages of it are as follows:
  • Easy and Simple to use
  • It is very easy to use and also very simple for uploading and downloading any file to and from the online drive. All the things are safe and secure under your email password. It is very easy to check total storage. To get backup of your files it is also very easy from Google Drive.
  • Easy Online file Sharing
  • On Google drive you are able to share all your files at a very fast speed and in a very quick time without any data pack loss. This is because once you upload any file here on the drive, if you want to make it public you can just by allowing it for public access. After which a sharing link will be given to you using which you can easily share your files to anyone.
  • Here you can also make your file password protected, if you want to show your files to any particular person, group or team, you can do it by protecting your file with a password.
  • Any File can be uploaded
  • It doesn’t mean that you can upload only a particular file type. Here in this cloud feature, you can upload any type of file like PDF, Docs, Images, pictures, videos, applications, softwares, other documents like ppt etc.
  • Any size of file is compatible in Google Drive so you don’t need to worry about Storage problem.
  • File Access Ease
  • If you have the email account which you have logged in the Google Drive, you can get access of all your uploaded media from any part of the world. Yes you can get access of it from any part of the world jus having internet connection. If you are not using any GMail account, you should create it now. This is because it is the most widely acceptable account all over the world.
  • This is how you can access all your files from any part and at any time without worrying about the security or privacy concerns.

Limitations Of Google Drive:

  • We have discussed a lot of advantages of Google Drive Cloud Facility but it has some limitations which we are going to discuss below in the following points:
  • Internet Connection Needed
  • Google Drive Cloud is providing a lot of storage but a minimum thing requirement for this service is having an Internet Connection. This is because if we want to retrieve any file into our phone, we should have a data connection to download it.
  • Security risks and Privacy Concern
  • As like YouTube accounts and other banking payments there are no such Two step verification security available in Google drive. If you know the email address and password, you will be able to get any file uploaded on the drive.
  • Hackers are doing many wrong things after getting these files just because of low security check.
  • So guys these are things that I want to tell you all about Google drive. If you liked this artical give a comment and share it with your friends to share this valuable Knowledge of Google drive

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