What is the difference between Octa core & Quad Core?

octa core vs quad core

Let’s go back to the year when touch smartphones came into public use. If I remember in tier-2 and tier-3 cities in the year 2011-12, these touch phones were started to be used by public. At that time, mobile users do not had any such interest of knowing processor and RAM ROM like specifications. They all were interested in using 2G network based apps like FB and some games that were supported in JAVA phones.

If we compare all these things with the present time, there is a lot of knowledge developed in the smartphone users. Before purchasing any smartphone, they believe in comparison between many of them according to their budget. Nowadays, comparison is based on RAM & ROM size, processors, camera type and pixels, touch, screen size, operating system, security system like face I’d and finger print scanner. There are some other attributes too for comparing them in different price ranges.

Specifications in them are updating day by day also with their prices. If we compare any brand from its previous two year prices and specifications with their latest one, we will find a lot of updates. These changes can show you how this smartphone industry is changing day by day.

Looking back to 2018, there were only few smartphones in the market which have quad core processor in them but now in 2022 smartphones in low budget ranges can be found there with octa core.

Today in this article, we will discuss about what are the differences in between octa core and quad core processors? Also what is the best one to have in 2022?

lOcta-Core Vs Quad-Core:

Processor core means the processing units of the processors and these units are needed for doing different tasks in the system. Simply, in octa core there are total eight processing units while in quad core there are total four processing units in it.

In a quad core processor, there are total four processing units and they all can be used to work at the same time. But they all do not work at all the time. For example if you are reading any document, there is no need of all four processing units but if you are watching any HD Video or playing any heavy game, there is chance that all four units are brought into use.

In case of Octa Core processor, there are total eight processing units but these units are in placed in total two sets. Each set have total four cores in it and there are two sets in an octo core chip. In octa core there are twice the total number of units in the quad core but it doesn’t mean that the speed and performance of the octa core is double of the quad core.

Yes this is true and it can be explained easily in the following way. Use of octa core and all eight core is possible in only those apps which support its optimization. Having more processing units doesn’t mean to have more speed or better performance in comparison to lesser units processor. You can easily understand it by taking example of Apple which has Dual Core processor in most of their smartphones.

But there are some smartphones too which give real octa core in them that means you can have all eight cores working at the same time. This will give double speed but only on paper. This is because at present time there are very less number of applications which can properly optimize octa core.

Battery Consumption in Octa Core & Quad Core

In smartphones, most of the battery consumed by only one thing which is processor. This is because processor is used in all the processes that we do in any smartphone. When all processing units are came into use then your phone battery drains in a very quick time. As already discussed that when a user is streaming any HD Video or playing any heavy game then all cores are used to work in a processor and when all units are brought to work then more battery consumption will be there. This is how battery consumption is there in smartphones due to processors.

Mostly users assume that batteries in any smartphone are according to the processor inbuilt in them. But this is wrong because in most of the cases, batteries are not bigger according to the increased units of processor.

Precisely, we can say that smartphones having octa core have more battery drainage than of quad core. Even though not all units operate at the same time, the battery drains in octa core is faster as compared to quad core.

Conclusion in Octa-Core Vs Quad-Core

Guys don’t go on the numbers that which phone has more processing units or core in its processor. In practical, if you are using a smartphone having quad core processor and you want to update your phone to a smartphone of same brand which has octa core in it, you will not feel any much better experience or fast speed in that updated one. As already discussed, all the units are not in used at all the time and you will see the difference only when you are watching any HD video or any heavy game.

This all experience is much more depends upon the apps whether they can handle the use of octa core or not. At present time, these apps are very less in numbers in both Android and other OS.

So at present time in 2022, if you are willing to buy a new smartphone and also there is confusion whether to buy octa or quad then you should go for quad.

In comparison between two smartphones of same brand but different processors there is must be confusion in your mind. But in my suggestion, that brand will charge more money from you for octa core processor which will have almost same seed and smoothness performance and experience. So instead of paying more money for the same experience, you should buy a quad core processor phone because in that price difference you can pay all your data charges for the whole year.

Guys I hope you liked this article if still there is any query or questions, you can ask in comment section we will definitely reply.

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