YouTube Shorts & Earning

How to record YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts is one of the features that are added in various social media applications after when government had banned tiktok. On Instagram, reels feature has been added after this incident. YouTube shorts is that feature available on YouTube where you can post your video content which is of 60 seconds or less than 60 seconds. Due to small size, chances of making it popular are increased.

How To Record any YouTube Short video

  • First step for recording a YT short video is to open the latest updated app of YouTube. Now you will see a + plus sign in the middle of the bottom of screen, click on that sign.
  • There you will see three options and from them you have to choose :create youtube shorts option from them.
  • Now camera is opened, there are three options you will find at the top right corner.
  • Flip Function Option
  • Speed function option
  • Video timer option

Flip Function Option: Flip means to change position to opposite in direction. Here in shorts camera, flip function is used to change the camera from flip to front and from front to flip.
To record video a short blog video, you can use front camera while to use it as a regular video you go for rear camera.

Speed function: Speed function is the feature using which you can change the speed of your recorded video. If you want to create a slowmo, you can change speed to 0.3X or more and if you want to make it faster, change the speed to 3X or less according to your need.

Video Timer Function: Video Timer is the feature using which we can record in different time limit. In the middle of the screen there is an option of 15 sec, if you want to increase the time limit you can click and increase it upto 60 sec.

Now Start Recording:

To start recording a YT Short Video, go for two methods:
The first one is by clicking on the red colour Circle like looking option in the bottom middle of the screen and when it is done click on the stop button.

The another and second way is by clicking on the middle bottom button of red colour and holding it till the recording is done.

Adding Music to YT Shorts

After when recorded video is done, now you can add music in the video. Option of adding music in the video is on the top middle of the screen from where you can choose and add music in your YouTube Shorts Video. Here you don’t need to fear about the copyright strikes or claims from the owner of the music.

Adding Text in the short Video

Here you can also add any test in the short video just after recording of the video. For adding any text, click on the sign for text and choose font type and font size of the text. After choosing all these things drag your text at the desired place over the short.

How to merge Music in YT Short before recording

  • To add music in your short before recording or upload your video, click on the add music at top middle of the screen.
  • Now you can search the music that you want to add in your short and if it is not in the searched results, you can also browse music from your file manager.
  • Once you get the right music, just tap on it and listen it once for preview and then touch on blue button having arrow to add the track on your short.
  • Now you are back on the previous screen where simply click on the music to play. Here on playing music you can now dance and perform as according to your content.

How to add text to YT Short in an attractive way

  • After recording on the video, click on the text option in left corner of the screen.
  • Type your text that you want to add in your YT Short using your mobile keyboard.
  • Choose the text colour and background which look attractive on the YT Short.
  • Also you can change the font of the text and choose the font which suits best on your clip.
  • At the end, drag the text at the desired position.

How to choose best tags and description in the Yt Shorts

  • Uploading a good video is a tough work but sharing your content to desired audience is more difficult.
  • To ensure that your content is available to your targeted audience, you need to add proper tags and description in your shorts. If you want to make your short viral among YT, you should add viral and trending tags in your description.
  • To add proper tags and description in your short video follow the following steps:
  • Open the YouTube Studio app and there choose the video in which you want to add tags.
  • Here click on the edit option and then tap on description.
  • To add proper description you can copy from other viral shorts and paste them in your video.

How to make YT Short Viral

You need to follow many steps from creating to make it public in privacy. From these steps you have to do two main things and these things are as follows:
Providing Best Content:
To provide best content, you should do proper research on the content that which type of content is in trend. You must try to follow the trend to make your short viral and in most searches.
Thumbnail: Your thumbnail should be best that defines your content and also which creates a curiosity in the mind of any person who see your thumbnail in suggestions.
Tags and Description: As already discussed, to make your video available to your targeted audience there is a need to add proper tags, title and description in your short video. These things make your video visible to all those viewers who have same interest that defines your content. For adding tags and hash tags, you can download different applications from YouTube where you can search best trending tags.
So guys these are the things that you need to remember while uploading any YouTube Short video for making it viral and your success.

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